Save my children!

Dec 6, 2012

The porno-mother came out to protect her family in the style of FEMEN. Citizen of Ukraine, mother, ex- pornographic actress Anastasia Grishay  did a topless protest with the baby in her arms. Mono-demonstration "save my children" took place near the building of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in Prague. Anastasia decided to take the attention of the world to the tragedy of her family and to ask for protection from the European Union in such radical way, protesting topless. Within 2 years, Anastasia and her family in Ukraine illegally persecuted by a politician  from marginal Communists party, Leonid Hrach. Hrach, wishing to get more support from electorate publicly promised to put anastadia in jail and to put her 3 sons in children center. Also  the Czech authorities rejected an ask of  Grishay for asylum in the European Union. Today's action-last chance for Anastasiya and her family to be heard  by European officials. The women's movement FEMEN asks EU to give Anastasia Grishay and  her children the right to be free and live normal life as a family.ф