FEMEN: escaped from Ukraine.

Aug 31, 2013

FEMEN founders left Ukraine due to political persecution by the ruling authorities, carried out by special services and law enforcement agencies. 

From July 2013 year Ukrainian members of the international movement FEMEN systematically harassed, severely beaten, kidnapped and repeatedly received threats. These criminal actions against activists, were carried out by Russian and Ukrainian special services commissioned by Presidents Putin and Yanukovych as revenge for an active antidiktatorskuû the movement FEMEN in Eastern Europe. 

The latest provocation against movement FEMEN has been prepared and is being implemented by the Ukrainian law-enforcement bodies, which, in the Kiev Office of the movement were planted on firearms, explosives and photo portraits of Putin and the Patriarch Cyril. As a result, opened a criminal case against activists FEMEN under article 263 of the illegal possession of weapons, threatening activists by deprivation of liberty for up to 5 years. 

Today, 30 August FEMEN activists Yana Zhdanova, Anna Hutsol and Alexander Shevchenko were summoned for interrogation by the investigating judge, which meant that the activists would be moved from the status of "suspects" in the status of "accused". 

Fearing for his life and freedom, the activist had escaped from Ukraine to Europe in order to continue the activities of the group. 

FEMEN officially says fuck off to all dictators and promises the revenge, that will not take so much time.