Viva FEMEN Turkey

Oct 25, 2013
ODTÜ campus in Ankara, the site of a controversial construction project that will cut down 3000 trees to build one of new business project. It's been the site of many protest recently. Six nights ago, Ankara municipality took advantage of a religious holiday and illegaly entered the campus escorted by police at 10pm to resume construction. News spread over twitter, students gathered to protest and were tear gassed. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Tuesday said the students opposing the felling of trees were acting like thugs. “Road means civilization,” he said, adding that “nothing, not trees or even a mosque” can stand in the way of civilization.
My name is Guntulu, im from FEMEN  Turkey. 6 days ago Turkish government, again, destroyed 3.000 trees in Middle East University (ODTÜ) same as at Taksim. But we, people of Turkey, act bravely like before, protest and don't want to let them burry the trees. We will resist totalitarian regime and dictatorship of Islamist leader erdoğan!