This photo was sent from Buenos Aires. Why does Argentina need FEMEN? In a country where the cultural conception of women is still connected to patriarchal values of marriage, maternity and child care, women's economic independence is not considered a priority. It's considered enough for a woman to have a husband who earns a salary while she stays at home. The wage gap between the genders is abysmal.
Independence is a right!

FEMEN urinate on Ukrainian president!

Yanukovich, piss off!


Sextremists of FEMEN poured out their anger at dictatorship near the Ukraine embassy in Paris.
Five activists publicly pissed on the ugly face of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich.
With such a humanistic act, FEMEN calls on the whole world to piss on Yanukovich's opinions and pronouncements and to flood him out of the political world with protests. This special protest was an example of the moral and physical violence of his nation. FEMEN suggests bringing about a new Ukraine in a natural way, by pissing out the shitty president and his regime. 
Yanukovich, piss off!

Dictatorship must die!


Looking as beautiful and ruthless as Death herself, a FEMEN sextremist urged the Ukrainian people to initiate a brutal massacre of Yanukovich’s dictatorial regime. The angel of death appeared at the gates of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra monastery with a sickle in her hand and prophetic slogan on her body: "Dictatorship Must Die". The dictator Yanukovich initiated a bloody harvest- on November 30th, special military police unit Berkut beat children and civilians in Kiev's Independence Square. It's time for the government to accept responsibility for their criminal deeds. Whosoever sows the wind, will reap a storm!

FEMEN accuses Viktor Yanukovych of moral and physical violence against his own people and sentences him to political death- impeachment. Death to dictatorship!