IN GAY WE TRUST: Protest FEMEN in Rabat

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Although our time fighting for the advancement of human rights has become global, many countries continue to regard people as criminals, not for what they do but for who they are.In Morocco, homosexuality is condemned by Article 489 of the penal code that criminalizes “licentious acts against nature with an individual of the same sex.” Being lesbian or gay in Morocco, means risking 6 months to 3 years imprisonment. The heaviest sentence under the criminal code. It means being considered as a criminal because of one’s sexual orientation.The conviction on May 22nd of three homosexuals to 3 years in jail, is the latest example of a long series of cases where Morocco imprisons people for their homosexuality. In the name of universal human rights, FEMEN activists defending the right to freedom of privacy and sexual life. Two of them appeared the slogan “IN GAY WE TRUST” painted on their chest, in front of Hassan Tower in Rabat. They have kissed publicly celebrating LGBT rights and denouncing the injustice done to the homosexual community in Morocco. Homophobia is neither a tradition nor a culture and even less should be a law. FEMEN asks Morocco to abolish homophobic laws and to respect the commitment it made in the drafting of its Constitution in 2011, which said it wanted to “banish and fight discrimination against anyone” and that despite “some personal circumstance whatsoever “.

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