July 26, 2019

Today 3 FEMEN activists armed with extinguishers and wearing firefighter clothes went to the Minister of Armies in Paris to denounce multiple rape. Ten years ago, “Julie”, a young and vulnerable girl, was raped during […]

Mother’s Daughter

July 2, 2019

FEMEN inspires new Miley Cyrus’ music video “Mother’s Daughter”. Proud! Новый видео клип Майли Сайрус вдохновлён FEMEN! История расставит все на свои места. Гордимся!

Feature Film Planned on FEMEN

June 20, 2019

The history of the activist group, famous for its bare-breasted protests, will be told in ‘Our Breasts Are Our Weapons: The History of the Femen Movement,’ from Belarus director Darya Zhuk. The story of Femen, […]


May 30, 2019

« Monica, 29, stabbed », «Pascale, 56, killed by a bullet », « Taina, 20, beaten to death with an iron bar », «Séverine, 46, strangled », «Isabelle, 50, stabbed ». With this inscriptions painted […]

Pig in a poke

April 21, 2019

Украина была в очередной раз изнасилована шайкой аферистов. Свинья в мешке – логичный плод такой любви. Президент Зеленский это весёлая ошибка, череватая печальными последствиями. Ukraine was once again raped by a gang of crooks. A […]

Abortion Rights

April 13, 2019

When the Minister of Health #JensSpahn (CDU) recieves 5 million euros budget to conduct a study against #AbortionRights, FEMEN finds him &offers help.We offered a list of written ideas how to use this budget to […]


April 4, 2019

April 3rd 2019, Brunei “The Home of Peace” imposed death punishment by stoning! Death by stoning, whipping, lashing or canning for consensual sex without being married, or without being heterosexual, is from today on the […]


March 8, 2019

While new authoritarian male leaders aim to create more divisions and fanatics want to build new walls and borders, FEMEN activists, aiming for more equality, destroy walls. This morning, the international team of FEMEN activists […]

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