Buy FEMEN photos for support movement!

Dear Friends, today we are going to ask you to support FEMEN. You can buy digital photos, thus supporting the FEMEN movement and become a part of FEMEN history.

Starting from 2008, FEMEN is driven by a global community of thousands volunteers, in more 15 countries – all dedicated to the fight with patriarchy, dictatorship, fight for women’s and human rights across the globe.

Your support helps us in several ways. Most importantly, you will help us cover the increasing cost of managing protest performance, run offices and branches in more than 15 countries. Funds also help us protect our activists at various courts, we simply need to cover legal fees and cover legal claims against our activists, as we covered claims after recent performances in May.

We didn’t take a single cent from politicians and foundations. We want to keep our movement free, independent and strong, but we need the support of people like you.

We invite you to join us: Your support will help us to keep FEMEN free.

With Love,



Our Crypto wallets:

Bitcoin: 1PVZcMhpGYRz1WJQraK87txpnoMqhwTgP5

Bitcoin Cash: qz6ac4fzqctk899u2px4j9rrw5j6m6wnjq9sw3ezd7

Litecoin: LhoBpmDYNheka4aDp8bmtG1xbnyNywD4zy

Ethereum: 0x968db9e3cde735eaac3e5abc5c64f9cdc3dcf926

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