In solidarity with the free people of Belarus, and in protest against the criminal dictatorial regime of Aleksander Lukashenko, FEMEN activists stormed the embassy of Belarus in Paris to beautify it with the colors of revolution! 

FEMEN activists transformed the facade of the Belarus embassy building with slogans and flags, symbolizing freedom from dictatorship in Belarus. The activists replaced the official red-green flag of Belarus with the white-red-white flag of independent Belarus Republic used by the pro-democracy protesters who defy the criminal dictatorial regime of Lukashenko. Also large white-red-white banners and the opposition slogan «Жыве Беларусь» were placed on the facade of the embassy.

With this symbolic act, the FEMEN movement sends a message of solidarity with the non-violent pro-democracy protest movement in Belarus. We particularly salute the courage of the women of Belarus, who stand at the forefront of the fight for freedom! 

FEMEN movement calls upon all countries to support the pro-democracy movement in Belarus by immediately introducing rigorous sanctions against Aleksander Lukashenko, and assisting the people of Belarus in organizing free and fair elections. While the democratic world hesitate to act, the tyrant Lukashenko keeps the whole nation hostage and commits atrocities against the peaceful civilians. 

Following the fraudulent presidential elections, staged by the regime of Lukashenko on August 9, the people of Belarus tirelessly protest since 5 weeks, demanding the resignation of Aleksander Lukashenko and new free and fair elections. 

The dictator Lukashenko, that holds the political power in Belarus by force since 26 years, used criminal methods against peaceful civilians in attempts to stop the civil uprising. Thousands of peaceful protesters are detained and abused in detention centers, dozens of journalists arw deprived from accreditation or even deported from the country. The opposition female-trio, that challenged Lukashenko at the elections, faced repressions. Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya, who the facto won the presidential elections in Belarus, was forced to flee the country under threats. Her close ally Veronica Tsepkalo similarly had to leave Belarus fearing for her own security. While the third member of the “opposition trio”, Maria Kolesnikova was confirmed as having been kidnapped by state police on September 8. The authorities attempted to forcibly deport Kolesnikova and after failing to do so, detained her and now charge her as criminal. 

Despite violent methods and terrorization of protesters by riot police and the KGB forces, the brave people of Belarus do not stop their protests. At the risk of their security and freedom, people self organize everyday all over the country, demanding Lukashenko to step down. For the 5th consecutive weekend, huge crowds are marching the streets of Minsk, peacefully demanding free and fair elections. 

FEMEN movement stands with the people of Belarus in their fight against “Europe’s last dictator”. Today’s actions echoes the FEMEN protest against Lukashenko in 2011 in Minsk, after which three femen activists were kidnapped and tortured by KGB agents. But if 10 years ago, Lukashenko’s regime was still successful in repressing the voices of opposition, today his regime is doomed. Today, the whole nation stands for their freedom and dignity, rejecting the rule of Lukashenko. 

Belarus people are free! Belarus will be free! 


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