Nonviolence is the Only Answer to Terror

December 11, 2015

Pacifism against fundamentalism! Nonviolence is the only way to protest against those who spread terror. Show that we are not afraid, that our slogans, flowers, cartoons, articles, songs resonate louder than Kalashnikovs. Infidels unite, rise, […]

Fascist Epidemic Alert Over France

December 11, 2015

Republicans’ making fronts against Front National is not enough ever more. We need new ideas, new perspectives on the horizon to dissipate the haze which starts to fall upon France. The governments were content to brandish the […]

Sextremism for the Masses

December 10, 2015

Just inbetween of kicking some patriarchy arses, Inna gives a lecture on media strategies in Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas University for masters of media and information. FEMEN pays no less attention to the theory of sextremism […]

A Documentary About FEMEN Germany on TV

December 8, 2015

Watch a new episode of “LEBEN!” with a story of sextremists of FEMEN Germany in preparation and implementation of a protest action in Islam Week in Berlin. Experience the nervousness of the activists, the painting […]


December 7, 2015

The first round of regional elections in France shows the high level of support to FN (Front national) – a nationalist and far-right political party. It is also known as a French advocate of Putin’s […]

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