Vatican Captive Activist Returned to Kyiv from Rome

December 28, 2017

Vatican captive, FEMEN sextremist Alisa Vinogradova, returned on a night flight from Rome to Zhulyany airport in Kyiv after three days of imprisonment. Despite the numerous bruises, Alice exuded joy and belief in the final victory of […]

Activist Remains Under Arrest by Italian Police

December 27, 2017

Vatican decided to wash its hands of the illegal detention of the FEMEN sextremist and handed it over to the Italian authorities. We received an answer from the Ukrainian embassy in Italy regarding our sextremist […]

Alisa Vinogradova is Held Hostage by Religion

December 26, 2017

On December 25, during a protest in Vatican, FEMEN sextremist Alisa Vinogradova has been detained. According to the activist’s lawyer, there is still no communication with her for two days. In fact, Alisa is in […]

Завтра відбудеться продовження судового засідання у справі Анжеліни Діаш

December 25, 2017

До уваги журналістів! Завтра, 26 грудня 2017 року, о 09 годині 00 хвилин у Печерському районному суді м. Києва по вул. Хрещатик, 42-А (суддя Білоцерківець) відбудеться продовження підготовчого судового засідання у справі Анжеліни Діаш, яка […]

FEMEN Sextremist was Arrested by the Police of Vatican

December 25, 2017

Alisa Vinogradova, the Ukrainian FEMEN sextremist, who kidnapped the baby Jesus, was arrested by the Vatican police. There is still no connection with the sextremist. FEMEN demands from the Vatican to immediately release the activist, […]

The Virgin Mary Silence Breaker in Vatican

December 25, 2017

On Christmas night, in Vatican’s own Nativity scene, the Blessed Virgin Mary broke her silence, joining the international #metoo campaign that shook the world in 2017. Just a few, short hours before Christmas Mass in […]

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