The Virgin Mary Silence Breaker in Vatican

On Christmas night, in Vatican’s own Nativity scene, the Blessed Virgin Mary broke her silence, joining the international #metoo campaign that shook the world in 2017.

Just a few, short hours before Christmas Mass in The Vatican, FEMEN activists represented a modern, free Virgin Mary, who speaks out against the patriarchal religious institutions and their centuries old practices of assault and oppression of women.
Right in the middle of the nativity scene, Virgin Mary broke her long kept silence, revealing her story written on her breasts: upon them to keep fighting, to not give up. We must continue to denounce all forms of violence against women committed everywhere, from the Film Industry to The Vatican.

While Mary speaks out today against the violence and attacks on women by the Catholic Church, abortion is still illegal in 20 countries of the world and highly restricted in dozens of others. Mary reminds us that we no longer live in archaic times, that women are the rightful owners of their bodies.
With this statement, Mary demands immediate liberation of Teodoro Vasquez, who was condemned to 30 years in prison in Salvador after suffering a miscarriage.

Mary stands against the homophobia in the Catholic Church, and calls upon the Vatican to change their hostile position against the LGBTQ community. Furthermore, she calls on the French Government to resist the pressure put upon them by the religious institutions, and to keep their promise to legalize Gay Marriage.

Finally, Mary’s #metoo declaration serves to denounce the numerous crimes of pedophilia committed by members of the Catholic Clergy. The impunity of the religious leaders must end, and these predators, these criminals must be punished, regardless of their titles.

On Christmas night, FEMEN wishes for society to continue its fight for women’s liberation and gender equality. Let us continue the #metoo revolution. Let us denounce the attacks of organized religions on women.
Women, men, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, Secularists, let us all, together, take a stand against violence on women.
Let us work together to make 2018 a more peaceful, and more equal year for all.


Активістка руху FEMEN роздяглася перед різдвяною месою у храмі Ватикану. Активістка оголилась перед тим, як через кілька годин Папа Римський провів там службу. Нова «пресвята Діва Марія» зламала мовчання, приєднавшись до кампанії проти домагань #metoo.

Таким чином активістки висловили протест проти патріархальних релігійних установ та багатовікової практики нападу та пригнічення жінок.

Хоча сьогодні Мері висловлює свою думку про насильство та напади жінок на Католицьку Церкву, аборт все ще є незаконним у 20 країнах світу та дуже обмежений у десятках інших. Мері нагадує нам, що ми більше не живемо в архаїчні часи, що жінки є законними власницями своїх тіл.

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