Free Raif Badawi!

There is no demand but freedom, and Raif Badawi is it’s messenger.

Killing for drawing or flogging for blogging in the name of religious morals is becoming a routine for our time. After terrible massacre of brave free thinkers of Charlie Hebdo, another messenger of free speech is facing cruelty of Islam. Saudi arabian blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced for 10 years in jail and 1000 lashes for setting up a secularist website. Officially, Badawi is charged for insulting Islam and showing disobedience to Islamic regime.

Today, after Friday prayer Raif will be brought in front of a mosque where he will receive 50 lashes in front of a public. This religious torture will last for 19 weeks as Raif Badawi was expressing his secular ideas on Internet.
Today, FEMEN activists come to Saudi Arabian embassy in Paris to celebrate Badawi’s ideas and braveness with high respect. Topless infidels of FEMEN are giving 50 lashes to the Saudi Arabian representatives as a revenge for attacking humanism in the face of Raif.
Flogging the embassy of saudi Arabia, FEMEN is sending a message of a sucularists’s revenge, an answer to criminal nature of religious morals.
We will not keep silence, and our ideas will not disappear under the pain of lashes, instead they will rise up. The “Kingdom of terror” will not escape from secularists ideas by it’s violence, but only will inspire their manifestations.
Stop religious torture! Free Raif Badawi! Celebrate his ideas!
Photo Jacob Krist (c)

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