FEMEN France Honors the Victims of Religious Barbarism in Paris

FEMEN France honors the victims of religious barbarism that befell the City of Light on Friday, November 13, 2015.

For the victims of this tragedy of the great horror, if we should be at war today, we will be the ones who choose to oppose pacifism and due to the obscurant madness, those who choose to resist rather than pray for it in the name of religious precepts that these crimes were committed.

To have the right for women and men to live in a secularized society means to defend their rights. Speak out decisively, debate, be united and committed in this ideological struggle against the blind barbarism that affects us all without distinction of nationalities.

Religious extremism and reactionary ideas that flourish in France should be recognized, named and fought today. This religious extremism can take the facet of jihad, but also the daily attacks to equal rights for male/female, LGBT or other minorities.

The answer to religious barbarism shall not be more security, border control, but more secular and loud affirmation of our fundamental freedoms.

Don’t pray for Paris, do not kneel but let’s rise, resist, make more noise than ever before!

Don’t pray – think!

Don’t pray – resist!

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