Inna Shevchenko: If I Ruled the World

One law I would pass?

A law obliging every country to stop any co-operation, meeting and agreements with any state whose rulers don’t respect the convention on human rights.

Whom I would ennoble?

Every new-born girl, so women finally can be proud of being women from the first day of their life and society will learn to respect them.

One thing I would ban?

I would ban the possibility to ban something.

Whom I would exile to Siberia?

I wouldn’t – it would let them develop their evil plans. To be destroyed quickly by me, they need to be around.

Where I would build my palace?

I would not spend money on a new palace, there are too many already that would become great squats: living and working places for NGOs, activists, feminists. I would take a room in one of these squats in the Vatican, Mecca or Jerusalem for example.

The book every child would have to read?

A book that lists all important books written through history, so our children would never be the “people of one book” and could properly plan their own education.


As published by Newsweek

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