‪#‎FEMEN‬ Sweden’s Jenny welcomed the first ever Pegida demonstration in Sweden with the message NO PEGIDAZATION:

“A woman approached the organizer Henrik Rönnquist with flowers. When he came towards her, she threw the roses at him and tore off her shirt, revealing the words “No Pegidazation” which was painted on her breasts.”

As much as we don’t want islamization with it’s religious right wing conservatism, we do not want pegidazation with it’s old christian conservative and right wing values. FEMEN denounces the right winged movements of both islamization and pegidazation, with it’s often racist, nationalist, homophobic, anti-feminist supporters.

FEMEN is a movement for secularity AND multiculturalism.

Pegida supporters happily generalizes with hate on muslims, anti-racists and feminists,
– and are now to taste their own medicine!

Wake up and face your mirror!


Femen Merchandise

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