Q&A with Inna Shevchenko

Inna Shevchenko

One of the most prominent FEMEN sextremist Inna Shevchenko has answered the Questionnaire for elsaokazaki.com

Your favorite word: WOMAN

The word you hate: FASCISM

Your favorite drug: TO PROTEST

The sound you love: SCREAMING SLOGANS

The sound you hate: SCREAMING OUT OF PAIN

Your favorite cuss word, dirty word: I DON’T USE DIRTY WORDS

The woman or the man to illustrate a new banknote: AN ANONYMOUS TOPLESS WOMAN WITH A SLOGAN ON HER BREAST

The profession you didn’t want to do: HOUSEWIFE

The plant, the tree or the animal you would like to be reincarnate: ONE MORE TIME AS A PERSON TO CONTINUE THE FIGHT

And if god exists, what would you like to hear from her/him, after your death: THAT SHE LIKES FEMEN AND SUPPORTS BLASPHEMY

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