Demonstrators take their shirts off to protest topless with the slogan reading "GAS EMBARGO NOW" on their skin, beside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during the Federal Government's Open Day event at the Chancellery in Berlin on August 22, 2022. - In the weekend of August 20 and 21, 2022 citizens have the opportunity to visit the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Ministries and the Federal Press Office during the open day event and discover the political Berlin. (Photo by JENS SCHLUETER / AFP)

FEMEN activists interrupt Olaf Scholz’s speech during the Chancellor’s public questionnaire to protest the government’s inaction in the face of Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine and the ongoing economic shutdown Germany’s willingness to protest Putin’s criminal regime.


“STOP FINANCING THE WAR ! “, the activists shouted at Chancellor Scholz.

The German political appeasement course of the past few years has, of course, led Germany into an energy-economic dependence on Russia. This dependence on Putin’s dictatorial regime, which is now waging a genocidal war against the Ukrainian people, has corrupted our German democracy. The German leadership has let the eyes of the country run into the knife. And while Russia destroys Ukrainian cities and murders civilians, it continues to successfully weaponize its energy. Germany’s role in supporting Putin in his plan is shameful and painfully obvious:

Former Chancellor Schröder still justifies Germany’s relations with Russia, and Chancellor Scholz does nothing to change course, and even dares to impose sanctions against Russia or support for Ukraine to be blocked.

According to studies, the payment for oil will be 14.3 billion. The total for natural gas will be 17.6 billion. That is 32 billion. That is 57% of the total Russian military budget of 2020 (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

The German population will now bear not only the high energy costs for the naive and dangerous economic strategy of German politicians, but also the shame for inaction in the face of the true evil that is waging the war on the euro has brought back the Opian continent. #standwithukraine #femen #olafscholz #gasembargoonrussia #gasembargoforrussia

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