Stop Grand Prostitution F1

FEMEN crashes the Grand Prix of Canada opening ceremony to protest the sex industry and sex tourism in Montreal during the F1 weekend.

Human traffic of women for sexual exploitation is a huge industry in Montreal, the sex capital of North America. Here, we sell the most girls pro-rata in ALL North America. Prostitution – the business of selling trafficked girls for sexual abuse – is at a peak during Grand Prix: a sports event that uses sexual exploitation to make its publicity. The money generated by Grand Prix and the City of Montreal is made from the sexual exploitation of women, from the arrival of thousands of «clients» in town: never has our municipality profited so much from woman trade than during these three days!

We demand the recognition of prostitution as sex slavery, and the immediate abolition of the sex industry. We demand that Grand Prix ceases immediately its exploitation of women as merchandises and sex toys for man’s desires. We demand that our governments immediately stop all collaboration with this sports event as long as it is a an integral part of human traffic.

Femen Merchandise

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