“Stop Homophobia!” Protest Outside Ukrainian Parliament

On 12-th of November  FEMEN sextremists protested against the homo-fascism outside the Verkhovna Rada (The Parliament) of Ukraine.

Women’s Movement FEMEN accuses the Ukrainian government in retreat from European values and in commitment to the homophobic tendencies of Putin’s Russia. While declaring the movement of Ukraine into Europe, Ukrainian authorities keep on professing the patriarchal Asian behaviors that are intolerant to any displays of sexual freedom. With their chauvinistic behavior, authorities betray the aspirations of the Ukrainian people to share the common destiny of civilized Europe.

FEMEN demands from Ukrainian parliamentarians to stop discrimination of citizens’ rights by sexual orientation immediately, and to amend the Labor Code of Ukraine, in order to ensure the harmonization of Ukrainian legislation in the field of prevention and counteraction of discrimination with EU law.

Down with the homophobia! Civilized future – to Ukraine!
In gay we trust!

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