The Feminist Case Against Abortion

December 30, 2015

Not all feminists support abortion. Properly defined, feminism is a philosophy that embraces basic rights for all human beings without exception—without regard to race, religion, sex, size, age, location, disability or parentage. Feminism rejects the […]

Canadian Prime Minister Professes the Equality

November 10, 2015

Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his cabinet, which consists of equal numbers of men and women for the first time in the history of Canada. The cabinet is also younger and more ethnically […]

Feminist vs. Police: 90 Years of Confrontation

November 9, 2015

The old photo depicts a woman being held by police force for not wearing the “appropriate” swimming-costume. It was in 1922 in Chicago, Il. The rest of the photos show the struggle of FEMEN activists […]

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