Tunisian FEMEN Activist Expresses Solidarity with Iranian Women Who Reject Hijab

Rebel against the hijab with all might!

“Women are not awras. Women are free and independent beings, not the weak and oppressed objects they are forced to submit as at the hands of religion; terrorized, oppressed and forbidden from exercising personal freedoms, forced to either wear a piece of cloth upon their head or be legally persecuted.

Yet, this level of oppression seems not to sutisfy our oppressors. More injustice is now being forced upon the women of Iran.
Extremists intend to disfigure the face of every women who makes the choice to not wear the hijab.

These examples of criminality and cruelty perpetrated against Iranian women are sadly few of the many that take place every day.

Women’s’ bodies are their own, we are not public property. We are not owned by male family members or religious clerks. No one has the right to control the personal choices of women, excusing it away with the facade of patriatchal, sexist and oppressive religion.

Women must attain their rights at any cost. We must rebel against the hijab with all our might.”

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