Violence against women

Germany. Franziska Giffey and the Federal Government does not look, does not listen, does not speak.On today’s international day against “Violence against women”, 25.11.2020, 3 Femen activists protested in front of the Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. They wore masks with the face of Franziska Giffey, the minister responsible for this ministry, and presented the 3 monkeys, i.e. see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. On their bodies are the slogans “No protection”, “No Federal Strategy” and “No adequate budget”.Mrs. Giffey, a minister who, when asked if she was a feminist, reluctantly says pragmatic feminist. And measured by her politics, more interested for all other department of their ministry, than for the sector Women which is not a gain for us and part of the patriarchal problem. She spoke even against the deletion of the §218, §219a out, paragraphs, women who want to abort or must continue criminalize. Thanks Giffey!We live in a time in which violence against women is continuously increasing. Every third woman in Germany has been affected by physical and/or sexual violence at least once in her life, every fourth woman is at least once a victim of physical or sexual violence by her current or former partner. In addition, there is the alarmingly high number of femicides committed in Germany, for which on average every second day a woman pays for the male excess of violence with her life. In the year 2019, 115,000 women became victims of violence in partnerships, which is alarming, because the number of unreported cases is estimated many times over. Every woman experiences different forms of violence in her life. This violence mainly involves men who are partners, ex-partners, neighbors, family members or even strangers. Violence often begins with verbal insults, humiliation, degradation, threats, intimidation, unsolicited comments and sexualization. Whether at home, at work, on the street or on the internet: Violence against women is found everywhere – increasingly more and more: sometimes openly, sometimes under the guise of “satire”, “comedy”, “art figure” or even “freedom of art”. Physical violence in beating and maltreatment are often accompanied by sexualized violence. Girls and Women suffer from sexual assaults and rape. In case of rape, sexual compulsion and sexual assaults in partnerships, 98.1 percent of the victims are female. It is always about power and control. Children are often used by the aggressors as a means of pressure against the woman.For these reasons, women are afraid to walk alone on the streets at night because of the diversity to the violence they are exposed to every day. The state and politics create the framework conditions for our social cohabitation and women* are demonstrablynot safe. Their protection is neither heard nor seen as necessary. Luckily theaffected people become louder and louder to draw attention to this emergency.The system created only intervenes when the violence has already happened. Through bureaucratic hurdles, often further obstacles are put in the way of those affected. In Germany, women’s shelters lack on 14,600 bedsa. It is only now that construction measures and renovation of the women’s shelters are getting started although the problem has been known for a long time. In the case of violence against women*, those who are of prostitution are particularly vulnerable. Since the beginning of the year 2020, 4 women in prostitution have already been murdered. Nowhere else is the risk for women to become victims of violence as high as in prostitution. We need prevention work. We need an adequate budget and a nationwide strategy that guarantees efficient protection. For exactly this purpose there is the Istanbul-Convention that the Federal Government is sitting out.

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