Welcome Rohani, Eexecutioner of Freedom

The champion of public executions Hassan Rohani is welcomed today in Paris by Francois Hollande, as well as FEMEN activists.

While Rohani is shaking hands with French diplomats, FENEN was preparing a very special message just for him. The sextremists are pleased to accommodate the Iranian president and want him to feel just like at home: so they performed the hanging of the Debilly Bridge, and wrote a postcard: “Welcome Rohani, executioner of freedom”!

In Iran, about 800 people are killed by the death penalty each year and thousands are rotting away in Teheran’s Evin prison death cells. Amongst them: feminists, gays, minors, progressive thinkers accused of criticizing a theocratic regime.

Rohani’s Iran is a sanguinary dictatorship. Elections are fixed. Peaceful protests are violently repressed. Terrorist groups are supported and funded. The veil is imposed. Young Iranians have been flogged and jailed for having filmed a video clip and danced to the song “Happy”. Young women are imprisoned for attempting to watch a volleyball game. Men can legally marry their adoptive daughters as soon as they are thirteen. The worst crimes and violations of fundamental human rights are committed in the name of Allah.

The United Nations General Assembly in 2015 stated that the violence in Iran under Rohani is greater than under his predecessor Ahmadinejad. European leaders are running after economical agreements with Iran since the lifting of the sanctions.

For these economical partnerships European countries sacrifice the universal values of freedom and equality. FEMEN considers that market trades are not superior to human rights. France, after its partnerships with nations like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, partners to yet another tyrannic state: Iran. Industrials are chasing the millions of euros while Iranians are counting the victims in Rohani’s Regime.

The European Union betrays its own values by welcoming dictators that have so much blood on their hands, dictators that the people are running from in search of peace and security, seeking refuge in Europe.
Shame to Rohani and all the politicians that will shake hands with such a tyran!

Long live the Iranian progressive youth, the blasphemers, the free spirits of Iran!


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