Blankmagazin: Topless Feminism

In 2008, a young woman reinvented feminism in Kyiv. Anna Hutsol writes her slogans not on flags but on the bare chest. With her protest group FEMEN, she makes headlines all around the world. In the meantime the feminists have become quiet.

On November 14, Anna Hutsol spoke at the conference “Fuck up Night”: “At this conference people tell how they have failed with their projects. I have talked about one of our most important protests against Yanukovych in 2010. At that time, we thought we would do nothing with it and were prepared to fail. But in retrospect, we were much more successful than we ever hoped. “When Anna Hutsol talks about the feminist movement, pride resonates in her voice. Rightly so, because the action against Yanukovych got great attention around the world.

Anna Hutsol talks about the situation of Ukrainian women and thus also about their own: “In Kyiv, it’s quite easy for a young woman. This city is modern and European. In the villages, however, the greatest desire of a young women is to get married. It is hard to find a job and there are no ways for them to develop their personality. Nobody talks about feminism or emancipation. My mother is not interested in my successes. She only asks, ‘When do you finally get married?'” The great social and family pressure as well as the lack of jobs, push women into stereotypical role models.

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