FEMEN Activist Disrupts Marine Le Pen Speech

A topless protester burst into a hall where French right wing leader Marine Le Pen had just begun delivering a foreign policy speech on Thursday, shouting “Marine, Pretend Feminist”.

Three security guards carried the woman from the FEMEN group, who had the same slogan daubed on her chest and back, out of the Paris venue.

Le Pen, the only woman standing in France’s presidential election, has styled herself as a feminist.

FEMEN said on Facebook that “nothing in Marine Le Pen’s programme promotes the emancipation of women. No proposal is made to further the equality of the sexes.”

Le Pen’s refusal to wear a headscarf to meet Lebanon’s top Sunni Muslim cleric on Tuesday during a visit to Lebanon was no more than a “media stunt”, FEMEN said.

The 48-year-old head of the anti-EU, anti-immigrant National Front (FN) party, is tipped to win the first round of the two-stage presidential polls on April 23, scoring 25-27.5 percent in the latest voter surveys.

While she is currently forecast to lose in the second round on May 7, she appears to be closing the gap.

Original by breitbart.com

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