The Iranian Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

Today 3 FEMEN activists protested in front of the Iranian Embassy in Berlin and called for the boycott of the presidential elections in Iran taking place today. FEMEN supports the Iranian people in their struggle against the prevailing dictatorship and takes over their outcry! BOYCOTT THE ELECTIONS! BOYCOTT THE ELECTIONS

!نه به جمهوری اسلامیرأی بی رأی

We call for a boycott of the elections because none of the candidates standing for election are eligible!The activists wore the sacred turban, like the mullas! However the one our activists are wearing is in rainbow colors, as they are direct descendants of the Goddesses of Democracy & Diversity!The Mullas make the world a place like hell to live in for the people living in Iran, whilst promising the Islamic paradise for the next life.For 43 years, they have ruled over Iranians who do not possess even the most basic human rights. For 43 years, through brutal, fossilized and rotten Islamic laws, they have forced their hands down the throats of these people, especially women, and taken away their right to breathe. For 43 years, they have guaranteed their governance and their hold on power through murder, oppression, torture, rape and plunder of both the bodies and the psyches of these people.Iranian women can’t breathe since 1979.No to religious oppressionfreedom to all women#femen#iraniansboycottelections


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