Eight Men Accused in the Beating of FEMEN Activists in Paris in 2012

January 16, in Paris, started the trial of eight men accused in the beating of activists of FEMEN during demonstrations against same-sex marriages in 2012.

On November 18, 2012, nine FEMEN activists came to protest  the demonstration against the same-sex marriages organized by the Association of Catholic Integrists in Paris. With bare chests and headdresses of Catholic nuns, activists chanted “In Gay We Trust” and “Fuck church”. In this case, activists sprayed foam from fire extinguishers, which was supposed to symbolize the “holy sperm”. Thus, the FEMEN movement stood for the right to same-sex marriages in France.

Participants of the fascist demonstration of Catholics have started to beat the FEMEN activists, long pursuing them along the street. The attackers were about thirty people, attacking alternately in several groups.


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