FEMEN Activist Convicted of “Sexual Exhibition” Acquitted on Appeal

The first FEMEN activist who was convicted in France for sexual exhibition was released on January 12th on appeal, but was sentenced to a fine of 600 euros for damaging a wax statue of Vladimir Putin. However, the lawyer envisages an appeal in cassation against the conviction for damages. In addition to the fine, the Court of Appeal confirmed the conviction of Iana Zhdanova to pay the Grévin Museum € 3,004 in damages for material damage and € 1,000 for non-pecuniary damage.

“Surprised, but in a good way,” the young 28-year-old Ukrainian, a political refugee, hailed a “victory” not only for herself but “for all women”. During a topless action on 5 June 2014, Iana attacked the wax statue of Vladimir Putin at the Grévin Museum in Paris. She was sentenced October 15, 2014 to 1 500 euro fine for damages and sexual exhibitionism.

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