FEMEN Activists Acquitted by French Court

The group of activists publicized for their spectacular and nakedness was acquitted by the Paris Criminal Court, dismissing all claims of the traditionalist Catholic association which accused them of “insult to the protesters because of their belonging to the Catholic religion during a parade in November 2012 against the “marriage for all”.

After their recent stunt the Muslim Salon de Pontoise, the Femen activists were called to appear Tuesday, February 16 before the Criminal Court of Paris following a complaint from one of their traditional targets – Catholic fundamentalists. The Agrif, the acronym for the General Alliance against Racism and for the defense of the French and Christian identity, had filed a complaint against the activists of “sextremism” to “insult directed against a group of persons because of their belonging in religion”, in the clashes that occurred during a demonstration organized by Civitas, national-Catholic group associated with the schismatic Society of Saint Pius X. But the court held that the slogans – “In gay we trust”, “Take care of your ass”, “Fuck Church” – even outrageous, were part of a review of a humorous parody of religion, and not a direct personal attack against Catholics.

“This is an old tactic of Agrif, trying in this way to introduce a blasphemous offense. They attacked for years because of this Charlie Hebdo” says journalist and essayist Caroline Fourest, former member of the satirical weekly.


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