FEMEN Activists Broke into Surrofair in Madrid

On the 6th of May two FEMEN activists broke into Surrofair in Madrid (fair on surrogacy) that is taking place this weekend.

Surrofair is one of the biggest events on Europe to support and develop surrogacy. A violent and exploitative market where capitalism and patriarchy work together one more time to use women’s bodies as a product. This event is taking place on mother’s day, it’s horrible: should we celebrate now exploitation instead of free motherhood?

Defending surrogacy means defending reproductive and sexual exploitation of women, women’s poverty and women as a simple object who can carry a fetus for 9 months.

Behind a mask, surrogacy market is talking about freedom, sometimes even with a terrifying “charitative” sense, to make money through women’s bodies. But they are far from a humanistic work, and close to reproductive slavery.

One more time, capitalism and patriarchy work together to promote our bodies as a product, as a ware you can buy and sell no matter what. That’s why FEMEN decided to act and spread it message: Women’s bodies are not for sale, wombs are not for sale! Motherhood is not about slavery! Wombs do not come with a barcode!

This patriarchal lobby has to stop and we FEMEN and all the feminist movement has to fight together to end with this new type of modern slavery. We are glad to participate on this struggle with our actions but also in collaboration with all the different groups who are making pressure with other methods.

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