Preexisting does not Equal Defective

Raise the voice for women's rights!

The new “healthcare” bill proposed by our ever more incompetent President is nothing more than a homophobic, transphobic and xenophobic piece of propaganda designed to take away healthcare for Americans who need it most; and to alienate millions of people effected by these conditions from society!

According to the CBO Report, The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 14 million more people will immediately lose their coverage in 2018 under Trumpcare, and rise to 21 million by 2020.

(…/costestimate/americanhealthcareact.pdf )

FEMEN can not and WILL not stand by as this “healthcare” bill has any chance of passing the Senate after barely scraping by in the House.

We, as a country, can not simply watch while our corrupt administration attempts to take away our fundamental rights to medical care!

To see a list of the “preexisting conditions” listed in this bill, follow this link:

Transgenderism, HIV/AIDS, Mental Disorders and pregnancy are only a few of the “conditions” in this bill. Even men who are expecting a child, classified as an “expectant parent”, are included!

FEMEN, along with those who believe in the right of all Americans’ access to healthcare, demands the Senate to NOT pass this disgusting bill.

We are not defective! We are human beings entitled to health care!

More infuriatingly, Trump and members of Congress are exempt from this sad excuse for health care. This bill shows classism at its finest.

If it truly is best for the American people, we demand you and your corrupt and inadequate administration live under it as well!

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