FEMEN Akbar!

Islamists in Turkey and around the world triumph the fake democracy of Erdogan.
Soldiers who surrendered after the coup attempt, were brutally beaten and murdered, even beheaded in medieval barbaric style, while males chanting Allahu Akbar and Takbir filled the streets.
They threaten to rape the wives and daughters of their opponents.
They think this is Great.
We know it’s Not.

No, Allah is Not the Greatest.
No, murder and rape in the name of a God is nothing to celebrate,
and neither is political and ethnical cleansing through fascism.

Erdogan and his government now removed more than 2700 judges from duty, and then today they imprisoned 6000 people (in a so called democratic manner).
Also several members of the council are dismissed, because of their belief in moderate Islam and the right to question the power of Erdogan (in a democratic manner).
The Turkish army which has a historic tradition to protect the secular principles in society, is now to become an islamist army under Erdogan, side by side with another Islamic State known as Daesh.
Erdogan says he’s grateful to Allah for this opportunity to strengthen his wish for omnipotence and absolute power. He calls this democracy.

And EU along with other world leaders should be ashamed to support him. Not only ashamed but also responsible; responsible for the countless women who now after the coup are attacked on the streets for not covering themselves according to Sharia. Responsible for the Kurds, Armenians, Alevites and other persecuted minorities in Turkey. Responsible for feeding Erdogan with money; billions to “take care of refugees”. Responsible for supporting a democracy-charade where journalism and freedom of speech are in exile or imprisoned.

Human Rights and Freedom of Expression
are infinitely greater than any Lord!!!

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