Free the 5 FEMEN!

Today 5 FEMEN activists go to court in Spain.
The prosecutor asks for 9 months of prison and a fee for making a peaceful protest in the street in 2013. The catholic association Enraizados en Cristo, popular accusation, asks the court for 6 years of prison.

234kjsfA peaceful and symbolical action was enough for the catholic lobby to push the justice and go against femen as the last witches alive on Earth.
And yes, we are. We are those who are proud to go in the street and scream to protect our rights, without guns, without fear, without violence but with strenght and democratic ideas.

Independent women who want to protect their freedom, lives and rights. Then, yes, we are witches.

FEMEN will face its first trial in Spain. Fearless, taking this process as an opportunity to check the real situation of secularism and the democratic level of the country.

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