François Hollande Grants Presidential Pardon to Jacqueline Savage

Hollande was given “time for reflection”. The president finally decided grant a rare pardon to Jacqueline Sauvage, this woman sentenced in early December to ten years in prison for killing her abusive husband. This means that she could be released by mid-April.

Jacqueline Sauvage, 68, had become a symbol of the victim of domestic violence in France. Almost 400,000 people signed a petition calling on President François Hollande to use the presidential right of pardon.

“The president of the republic, faced with this exceptional human situation, wants to enable the return as soon as possible of Ms Sauvage to her family,” says an official statement.

On January 22 at noon, a group of bare breasted FEMEN activists tried to dig a tunnel to the Saran prison to free Ms Sauvage, protesting against the unjust sentence for a victim of domestic violence.

FEMEN salutes to presidential sincere desire to limit the consequences of an unjust judgment pronounced by a sick justice. The mobilization of the active feminists eventually bears fruits, we can be proud!

This is only the very beginning!

Every woman is a riot!

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