Indecent Past of Decent Lady – It’s FEMEN

A feminist, former FEMEN Tunisia activist Amina Sbouï, launches new magazine for women “Farida” which will be dedicated exclusively to women and all their problems.

Amina's protest against Islamic morals, Tunisia 2013
Amina’s protest against Islamic morals, Tunisia 2013

The activist said that this monthly magazine will observe sensitive issues such as abortion and homosexuality, apart of that it also devote columns to more earthly subjects like beauty, fashion and cuisine.

Amina Sbouï said the magazine will be launched in Tunisia while waiting to see if there is a way of exporting it to other Arab countries.

It will be funded through Crowdfunding, a platform on the internet, where everyone can finance any project.

Despite the former controversy, FEMEN is pleased with the success of any of our graduates!

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