Fascism out of the ballot polls!Yesterday, five FEMEN activists protested in Barcelona, in front of the polling station where Vox’s candidate has voted.With the slogan “Vote for Garriga, Vote for Fascism”, we want to denounce once again the real face of this far right party which, under its hate speech and belligerent narrative, constantly attacks the rights of any vulnerable collective. Voting for Vox and their candidates means voting against women’s right to decide over our own bodies, means voting against LGBTQ rights, against refugee’s rights and against humanitarian migration rights.Voting for Vox and their candidates equals voting in favor of denying gender based violence and its crimes. Vox’s campaign in Catalonia is once more based in confronting society and in showing their politics as alleged patriotism which is actually fascism.Let’s use our votes to fight against fascism, not to ensure its power in a society deserving of equality and rights for everybody.

We have to stand against fascism, not just stare at it.

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