Yesterday the jury responsible for the verdict in the trial against Harvey Weinstein in New York declared the producer guilty of sexual abuse;
criminal sexual assault in the first degree and rape in the third degree.
Weinstein has been acquitted of the most serious crimes of which he was accused and for which he was exposed to a life sentence.
In addition, today we have also found out that opera singer Plácido Domingo has admitted to sexually assaulting 27 women who have currently filed claims against him.
In both cases, we are dealing with men who have taken advantage of their position of power to sexually abuse women. They were both somehow convinced that their privileges granted them total immunity. These men thought that their position would protect them as long as these women would never speak out. For powerful men like them, it is business as usual to force, harass and sexually assault women. NO MORE!

Fortunately women have decided now to break the silence. We are more and more aware of the fact that fighting every predator and abuser is a really important choice that encourages others like us to do so and fight for the justice we all deserve. We know that when rapists are powerful men the rules of the game change: there is a risk that women will not be believed and there is a risk that we victims will loose trials, but if we win, we can break the patriarchal rules forever. These cases are evidence that rape culture must end. We should not feel ashamed anymore to say what has happened to us. We are many and we trust the power of our voices together, united as one. Justice and reparation for survivors!

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