Only yes is yes

A woman has been sexually assaulted by a man in a fish market in the Otxarkoaga neighborhood of Bilbao. (Spain)

This occurred past Friday when the young woman went for a walk with her dog and met a man with whom, after a conversation, she went to her place. After having a conversation, this man proposed to her to have sex and she refused. She didn’t gave her consent, his answer was to throw her against the bed where the assault occurred.

Once again it is clear how sexual and patriarchal violence don’t stop. No matter the circumstances, confinement … The patriarchal epidemic continues to threat women’s lives.

This society threatens sistematically our existence. Women can’t do running, can’t go for a walk or take out their dog … We do not want guardianship, nor protection, we want men to stop raping, assaulting, harassing and killing women.

We have the right to demand to live free from any violence.

Sexual violence still exists even during quarantine, everywhere.

Only yes is yes.

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