Legal Fascism, National Shame

This morning, three FEMEN activists have disrupted the fascist event that took place in Madrid’s Plaza de Oriente.

Each year, fascists groups concentrate in this city center square to honor and celebrate the spanish dictatorship and his leader Francisco Franco. With the slogan “Fascismo legal, vergüenza nacional” (Legal fascism, national shame) and “No es patriotismo, es fascismo” (It’s not patriotism, it’s fascism) FEMEN fights against the legal public celebration of fascism in Spain.

Each year, besides this demonstration, there are parades that march to Valle de los caídos (a giant mausoleum on the outskirts of Madrid where the dictator Franco is buried) in memory of historical fascists, such as Primo de Rivera (founder of Falange) with total impunity.

Fascism, Franquism and National Catholicism is celebrated. Fascist anthems are sung. Groups as Falange, Fundación Francisco Franco, Alianza Nacional, MSR, Movimiento Católico Español, are some of the neo-nazi and franquist movements that concentrate each year with all the legal permissions.

Fascist organizations from all Europe, come to Spain taking the advantage of a legal celebration and exaltation of fascists flags and symbols. They can also sell books and nazi merchandising in the streets.

Wave a fascist flag in Spain is legal. Making the nazi salute is legal. Sing fascist anthems is legal. Celebrate genocides, political killings, rapes and mass executions is legal. This is not proud, It’s shame.
Fascism is not patriotism, fascism is hate against any kind of freedom, freedom of thought, press, organization, sexual freedom…The democratic governments should guarantee that dictatorship will never came back, neither its terror speech.

Countries as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden have laws that ban fascist exaltation.
If we want to guarantee the security of democracy and freedom, we can´t allow a legal celebration of fascism.

FEMEN demands the end of this fascist events as a commitment proof with the state democratic values. We demand the end of 20N in order to protect our democracy and equate our laws to our european’s neighbors to fight the rise of european fascism.

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