Six FEMEN activists protested at the annual fascist 20N tribute in Madrid.

For the second year, FEMEN faced fascism and put the body against it. With the slogan ‘Al fascismo ni honor ni gloria’ we want to claim that it is necessary to start a debate on the country’s memory: We must learn from our history in order to avoid the same mistakes. Now that far-right parties like VOX have won 52 seats in the parliament we must show the true face of fascist nostalgia.

The event that took place today in Plaza de Oriente has called several representatives of fascist groups from all over Europe: Representatives of Falange, including Manuel Andrino, party leader who last year sexually attacked an activist touching her chest without consent.

Supporters from Francisco Franco Foundation, Association against the Law of Historical Memory, National Democracy, National Alliance were also present…

Plus: Nick Griffin of the British National Party (pro-brexit)
Stanislav Vorobiov of the Russian Imperial Movement.
Roberto Fiore from Forza Nueva (Italia).

A gathering of fascists from all over Europe that reflect the heyday of the hate policies on the continent. Showing that fascism is the biggest exponent of patriarchy and the greatest enemy of women’s liberation.

Followng this, FEMEN has called for this action Spanish, French and German activists. Our stance as an international movement manifests itself as anti-fascist and feminist no matter what.

We urge to establish legal limits to these homages to dictators such as Franco and Primo de Rivera. Honoring fascism in Spain is normal and legal while in countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia or the Czech Republic, fascist / nazi signs and acts are forbidden.

After the exhumation of Franco from the Valle de los Caídos, the next step for a democratic evolution is to set a law that prevents these tributes that extol dictators and their legacy of terror and war.

FEMEN also demand:

– Justice and reparation for victims and survivors of Franco’s dictatorship.

– Promote Spanish history and memory from a critical perspective so we do not return to the dark times of the dictatorship.


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