Dozens of babies born from surrogate mothers paid by Spanish couples wait stored in Ukrainian hotels due to the COVID health crisis. Waiting for the borders to reopen and allow them to leave the country.

Spanish couples are taking advantage of Ukrainian laws regarding surrogacy, since it is not explicitly prohibited. Why? Because in Spain surrogacy is an illegal activity.

Due to the current situation, these couples have been unable to go to Ukraine to collect children born from Ukrainian mothers. Today these babies are waiting in hotels where caretakers are hired by the agencies that manage surrogate mothers.

These minors have not been registered in the civil registry, they have no identity. They are in a stateless situation, despite being born in Ukraine and to Ukrainian women because of what is stipulated in contracts between paying couples and mothers who give birth to minors.

Again we see how women are harmed by this global health crisis.

Not only the women who have conceived these babies for other couples, but also the caregivers who stay with them in hotels. They work as inmates and can hardly see their families.

Patriarchy and capitalism continue to reignite in this pandemic in order to continue exploiting women’s bodies.

Paying a woman for her reproductive capacity unleashes a new field of exploitation for our bodies.

The selfishness of these couples prevails over the interests of the minors, unprotected. They risk that these babies can enter the country of reception, their future, in pursuit of their parenthood wishes and dreams.

FEMEN reaffirms a position against reproductive exploitation from an anti-capitalist and anti-patriarchal perspective.

We cannot allow other countries to function as incubators for couples for other countries, as Spain does with Ukraine.

These people take advantage of the laws of these countries to avoid the legality in our territory and exploit women in another.


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