PRI Dictador PRI Asesino

Dictatorship because opposition is silenced.

Murderers because opposition is killed.

09/09 FEMEN Sweden’s Jenny A Wenhammar goes to trial in Denmark for protesting this indecency against Human Rights when Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto was welcomed by Danish royalties and government, police did not allow political opposition. FEMEN use bodies as political tools with slogans written on us against patriarchy and oppression. We rise our voices loud in the faces of hypocrisy. It’s our freedom of expression.


We denounce the systematic disappearances and murders of students, journalists, activists for democracy, feminists and politicians from the opposition in Mexico!

The oppression and the impunity within the Mexican government must STOP! Europe is shaking hands one more time with those who don’t respect Human Rights in their countries.

Massacres and armed attacks from PRI’s government and military police to the people are normal strategies to keep the power and make the country live under fear and terror, a country where torture is already a normal policy.

FEMEN call for justice for all those who are victims of this evil, bloody, corrupted, and repressive government! Freedom for all those who are still fighting for democracy, Human Rights and Women’s Rights in Mexico!

FEMEN condemns the impunity of a deadly Mexican State, its repression, silence and corruption.

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