Belgrade Pride Parade 2016


On this day of the Belgrade Pride Parade, FEMEN proudly stands for LGBT rights in Serbia!

14370054_730876567063580_1610617093206032285_nIn front of St. Sava Cathedral where religious patriarchs led an anti-gay march this week, FEMEN opposes Serbia’s notorious enemies of equality and human rights: the christian orthodox church as well as hooligans, nationalists and fascists.

Serbia remains one of the most homophobic countries in Europe. The recent history of the Belgrade Pride Parade is rooted in violence, just like LGBT people’s lives, as they suffer from both the attacks by hooligans and fascists and the repression of the state.

In the last few years, in it’s attempt to please the European Union, Serbia’s corrupt government stopped banning Pride and offered its support to the LGBT people that day, acknowledging their right to march. But we cannot forget all the other days of the year, as great violence threatens whoever dares to live free as a non heterosexual or gender conforming person: people are regularly attacked and beaten, lose their jobs and communities and are ostracised from society, hopelessly seeking help from inactive authorities that don’t prosecute hate crimes nor violations of human and civil rights. Serbia’s LGBT people don’t only face discrimination, they live in a patriarchal culture of hate and violence towards them. Too often, they live in fear.

This photograph took less than a minute to take, yet the activist and photographer were attacked and beaten by a young hateful man.

We congratulate and support all of those who march for equality today, love will change the world! Happy Pride Week Serbia!

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