Punish the Rapist – Not the Victim!

Today, in the name of justice and on the behalf of all women who ever experienced sexual violence, FEMEN attacked the men who made Gina-Lisa Lohfink action-incapable, to sexually abuse her while filming in order to make money, and who now feels legally so secure, that he dares to sue his victim.

The German justice protects the culprits, gives them the security to get away with impunity and apparently, even empowers them enough so they can mock their victims with compensation demands.

Where the German justice fails, women must intervene!

No culprit must feel so secure ever again, as the two rapists of Gina-Lisa Lohfink.

Not the culprits, but rather the victims must feel safe.

We demand a comprehensive reform of the sexual criminal law! Not only must consent be required, a “no” means “no”, but moreover, every sexual assault, that happened against the will of a person must be punished! Victims of sexual violence may not be treated disrespectfully, but deserve to be protected. The culprits must be harshly punished.

FEMEN hopes this justice scandal does not contribute to the fact that less and less rapes are reported to the police. Our legal system has to protect victims of rape and allow them to safely denounce culprits, so that society can be protected against these monsters.


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