Putin is risen.

On the Orthodox Easter day French Grevin museum reinstalled the wax dummy of Putin, which has been damaged by FEMEN activist. Freshly warm Putin took its usual place among the statues of the other world leaders. Sextremist Iana Zhdanova visited the opening and predicted this artwork will remain for not very long.

On the June the 5, 2014, during the Putin’s visit to France, FEMEN sextremist Iana Zhdanova stroke the wax dummy of Putin with the aspen stake and broke it’s head. The wax figures of the world leaders such as Obama, Merkel and Hollande observed this happening with their pleased porcelain eyes. “Poodoo Dummy” campaing was the answer of FEMEN to the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. French Themis convicted this political act of Zhdanova, sentencing her to pay off a penalty of 6000 Euros. “There will be no peace until the last Putin remains alive”, – Iana Zhdanova commented her act.


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