Shams Movement: Six Homosexuals Suffer from Torments in Tunisia Prison

Tuesday, January 19 is the Tunisian LGBT movement Shams – For the decriminalization of homosexuality in Tunisia – to trial in court since the government stopped their activity!

The association fights for gay rights and against the “anal” tests conducted by the police. They also fight almost alone for the six young Tunisian gay youngsters in Kairouan who were arrested in their student residences in early December. Police carried out the “anal” tests to prove their “debt”. In prison are undergoing the daily violations, degrading touch, and are beaten by fellow prisoners. The guards do not allow them to sleep, subjecting them to various forms of torture: “As soon as they feel bored amuse themselves by tormenting us. Just over fifteen guards beat us with batons and forced us to kneel down to access bashing us and kicking us. Then they hung us and subjected us to water torture so that we felt that our end was near before they let us down.”

The testimonies of the six jailed gay young people are daunting. One of them has tried to take his own life and says: “Even after my release, I have no life; there is only darkness, I will not be able to talk with my family, or to leave my room, my study opportunities are doomed, my life is ruined  … I can not face anyone  … My country has destroyed me, oppressed and crushed.”

This inhuman treatment of innocent young Tunisians take place in a political continuation of the post-Arab Spring community. Beji Caid Essebsis government which recently merged with the ultra-conservative Salafist Ennahda party which is a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, was considered “progressive” but continues his hunt for homosexuals, and trampling on human rights. By humiliate and torture the homosexuals, the government wants to deny their existence and drive them to suicide.

FEMEN demands for the six jailed gay students be immediately released and the decriminalization of homosexuality in Tunisia!

Share this warning message to mobilize support and create international pressure, because it is very important that these six young Tunisians to be freed and for Shams association to resume their activities!


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