Marine Le Pen Shamelessly Speculates on the Subject of Cologne Rapes

How predictable is Marine Le Pen! In an article published Wednesday night, she jumps at the perfect opportunity for the FN of the moment: women raped by refugees in Cologne.

Not afraid to look silly, she even comes to quote Simone de Beauvoir: “Never forget that it only takes a political, economic or religious crisis for women’s rights to be challenged.”

Yes, Marine, we didn’t forget that each National Front vote questions the women’s rights. It is you, who castigate the “comfort abortions.” It’s your niece, who wants to cut funding of Planned Parenthood. It is you, who vote against two texts on gender equality (Estrela report and Zauber report) in the European Parliament. These are your deputies in the national assembly, who vote against several laws on sexual harassment, against the abolition of prostitution system, fight against the violence against women, against the health law that includes measures to strengthen the right to abortion…

FEMEN and any other true feminists can’t become the victims of rape in Cologne. FEMEN points to day-to-day rape practice.

To all ignorant people: women’s rights are far too serious subject!

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