There Will Be Millions of Us Against Your Religious Dictatorship

You’ve turned innumerable women into slaves around the world. You’ve kidnapped them under false evil religious promises. You’ve raped them; you’ve taken away their condition of human beings. You’ve murdered women systematically without fearing any divine or earthly punishment. You’ve exhibited the heads of the women who faced you with the same weapons you think only your faithful men can shoot. You’ve covered women until they were less than an imperceptible shadow.

Today, today we know that all the women who survive in your territories will risk to be killed if they are not covered according to your dress-code rules.

Them, us, all women, women from Arab, Asian, African and Occidentral countries. Captured through psychological techniques to overshadow them and pull them into their own graves. Your Imaginary State is a patriarchal terrorist machinery that is taking away women’s lives, but of course we can’t forget about all those writers, journalists, rebels and artists who were murdered in the same name of IS.
Your message went beyond countries, internet and other mechanisms. Your crimes were accomplished not just in Europe but also in African and Arabic countries like Turkey, Syria or Iraq.

Now you are threatening Spain, calling this country Al-Andalus. But you must know that we are not scared. You must know that we’ll face and fight your bloody ideas of terror, violence and religious dictatorship.
That Al-Andalus you named several times was a period in Spain widely separated from your ideas. It was a brilliant period for arts, science and knowledge.

Don’t dare turning this away from Spanish history and into a symbol of your ugly and evil war. You ideas are as obsolete as your minds. Your ignorance based on blood and submission has no place in a country where so many of us are fighting to keep religion away from the state and democracy close to everyone.
If your terrorist virus infiltrates through anyone risking to lose their lives, our antidote is based on peace and anti-radicalism and it is taken by much more people than those who are supporting your war and crimes.
Here you will not find a land to raise your flag for your Imaginary State. Here we will not tolerate your messages or actions. Spain counts on with another peaceful army full of topless jihadists ready to fight. Free fearless women, those who scare you the most.
Our voices are louder than your weapons. Our ideas are stronger than your stones.
If you rape our democratic values and our freedom, we will break your symbols of submission and terror with bare breast. We are millions. There are millions of us against a war that you already lost at your first shot.


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