Three FEMEN Activists Prosecuted for Sexual Exhibitionism in Lille

Three FEMEN activists were judged on Wednesday morning in Lille for sexual exhibition. On 10 February 2015, they had demonstrated bare torso covered with slogans in front of the Lille courthouse. The prosecution requested three-month suspended prison sentence and 1000 Euro fine. The court will make its decision on 23 March.

“Feminists are not criminals. Activists are not offenders. “Forty feminist activists have supported three FEMEN prosecuted for sexual exhibitionism Wednesday morning half an hour before the scheduled hearing at 8:30.

 There will be two of them; the third is not in France. Two young women with the wreaths of flowers – the emblem of FEMEN. The trial in Lille is special. This is the first time in France that the prosecution continues alone, without any civil plaintiff. It will start up on legal terms.

The lawyer sued his regret of the prosecution’s doing sex discrimination in the difference between a man’s chest and a woman’s chest: “Is that under changing attitudes this difference justifies a criminal discrimination?”

The prosecutor Nicolas Lumbroso objected to the transmission of this QPC to the cassation court, the position followed by Judge Sophie Aleksic, after a break. For the prosecutor, the charges are justified by the behavior of activists on February 10, when one jumped on the car of DSK, being warned of aggravated procuring.

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