Trump Get Out!

Three FEMEN activists twice attacked President Donald Trump’s car, which was traveling up the Champs Elysees to attend the November 11 ceremony in Paris. This ceremony, celebrating the centenary of the end of the First World War will be followed by a forum on peace.

FEMEN believes that restoring world peace with those who are responsible for the ongoing wars is hypocritical.
How could they work for peace?
Does Trump work for peace when he flouts international treaties? No !
Is Putin working for peace in Syria when he defends dictator Bashar Al-Assad? No !
Does Erdogan work for peace when he’s perpetuating Armenian Genocide denial? Or when he keeps attacking Kurdish people? No !
Does Bin Salman work for peace when he’s assassinating Jamal Khashoggi? No !
Does Netanyahu work for peace when bombing Gaza? No !

Our activists have once again been arrested. Yesterday, they spent 10 hours in custody, and they have been charged for sexual exhibition.
But this is only reinforcing our determination. Our fight is legitimate.

FEMEN denounces a ceremony that should have been a commemoration of the heroism of WWI French soldiers as well as all WWI victims.
Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Bin Salman and Macron transformed November 11 into a funny performance that is only entertaining for those participating criminals.

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